Book Review- How to Stop Worrying and Start Living

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living is essentially a continuation of the philosophy of the way to Win Friends and Influence People: break things down into smaller steps, then let the smaller steps add up. This time, however, the philosophy is applied to the concept of stress and worry, each workplace-related and otherwise. very like the opposite Carnegie book, the way to Stop Worrying and begin Living could be a giant assortment of little, practicable items that anyone will apply.

Worry affects everybody and descends with ease upon work, money, family life and relationships. This book offers sensible methods for breaking out of this damaging habit before it breaks you.

Dale Carnegie shows however worry has been conquered by thousands, some famed, however most simply standard individuals, and offers sensible suggestions for leading a lot of positive and pleasant life. Worry-free tips include:

– basic facts you ought to realize worry

– A magic formula for finding worry things

– a way to eliminate half of your business worries

– Seven ways in which to cultivate a cognition that may bring you peace and happiness

– a way to keep from worrying concerning criticism

– Six ways in which to stop fatigue and worry

– Personal tips from those that have conquered worry

Try his ways nowadays and this book may amendment the approach of your future.


How to Stop Worrying and begin Living is one amongst the most effective books on happiness. In fact, it’s the most effective book (aside from many non-secular books) I’ve found up to now on being happy.
This book is choked with helpful tips. It offers you a recommendation that covers much each aspect you’ll be able to regard} about worry. over simply theoretical tips, they’ve evidenced tips that are applied by many folks throughout the history. The book itself is choked with stories that describe however individuals apply those tips in their life.
Besides teaching Pine Tree State concerning the way to stop worrying, this book additionally teaches Pine Tree State concerning the way to write. The approach Carnegie wrote impresses Pine Tree State. He took seven years of preparation to jot down this book. throughout that point, he collected several stories, browse plenty of books, and interviewed many folks concerning the subject.

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